Today’s Kitchens are mostly manufactured in a 2Pack finish. 2Pack is known by the industrial name of “emperite” or “polyurethane” base paint. When mixed it is a solvent base material that has a chemical reaction with non-yellowing hardeners to create a mirror smooth finish. We apply our 2Pack in a pressurised dust free clean spray booth with a low-bake oven to allow the paint to cure. Zeev offer you a peace of mind when buying our doors. All our goods are covered by our 7 year guarantee.

By choosing 2Pack over other finishing such as Laminate or Vinyl Wrap, you are choosing a far more superior product. Known for being a high end of the market product, it has an opulent look and feel.

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2Pack advantages over other finishes:

  • Unlimited Colours option
  • Shrinkage and Peeling is Non-Existent
  • Unlimited Panel Sizing and Construction
  • Double Sided Painting of Panels and Doors
  • Chemical and Stain Resistant
  • Highly Durable
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain
  • Keeps True Colour +Easy to Repair (all Colours are Formulated and Archived)
  • Colour Matching Enables Repeat Jobs Accurately. (Please note: It does not apply to G3 Colours)
  • Best Of All – We CAN Match Your Favourite Colours.