Glass splashbacks are suitable in a wide range of applications thanks to the durability of the product. The easy-to-clean surface, infinite colour options and sleek design, are perfect for interior uses including kitchen splashbacks, under bench tops, laundry surfaces, showers and wet areas in the bathroom. We encourage creative new applications for our coloured glass such as furniture, cabinet doors, elevators and table tops.

Glass Splashbacks Tech Specs

  • Available in high gloss colours or satin, printed & mirrored finishes.
  • 6mm toughened safety glass
  • A fire resistant backing installed if required (BCA)
  • Measured with hi-tech laser equipment
  • Maximum panel size 4.9 Metres* (subject to site assessment)
  • A ten (10) year limited warranty applies to all glass splashbacks


There are multiple benefits to using a glass splashback. Glass splashbacks provide a durable, long- lasting and striking reflective surface in all sorts of architectural settings, most typically, kitchens, bathrooms, bars and restaurants. Glass provides a large, seamless surface that is easy to clean and maintain. The glass is painted on the reverse giving it a beautiful appearance with an endless list of available finishes to suit your desire.
We use either clear glass, which has a natural green tint – good for dark, cool and strong colours, or Starphire glass which is a low-iron glass, eliminating the green tint and lending itself to more accurate colour matching for light, warm and bright colours. Our splashbacks are typically 6mm thick toughened safety glass, providing a product that is light enough to be handled but strong enough to adhere to all Australian building standards. As well as being 4-5 times stronger than non-toughened glass, the toughening process also makes the glass resistant to heat, making it suitable for use behind a cook top.
We can quote the job as soon as you have plans and advise on shape, colour and set-up, but we don’t do a technical laser measure until the cabinets and bench top have been fitted.
Make sure you have a clean, smooth surface behind the splashback, free of sharp imperfections that could damage the painted surface of the glass. We use toughened safety glass and install a fire resistant backing as per regulation where required

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